Palm Door In Roads  2014  #christina-mcphee #artists on tumblr #art

Palm Door In Roads  2014  #christina-mcphee #artists on tumblr #art

Bloody x x and seismic tracks. christinamcphee honeyrococo joelnewman prolapsarian likeafieldmouse accumulatingaesthetics charlottefrost dctrese

a poem that is my notes on the Internet from the beginning of 2011, reproduced here precisely


Notes on the Internet


homesickness for a virtual place/ a “not place” the pre-corporate, flush wealth of amateurism

the dirty style, the vernacular web as inherently nostalgic, the use of irony

to conjure it up in elegiac juxtaposition flarf as mourning

“digital poetry” which…

Anne Boyer

driving around this big sad beautiful country #eileenmyles #teorema-drawings let it seep into the skin lush situation touch island what island 


blind extraction field one

blind extraction field one

sub terra response spectra 2 + peak ground acceleration 2 2014  #seismic-memory #traumatic-landscape christinamcphee Carrizo Topologies  


"Second Life", 2014 Oil on panel 24" x 30"

Images from our main page today by Lisa Adams.

Courtesy of CB1 Gallery.

Adams has a current exhibition on view until July 24th.

The inner life:Lisa Adams


The scale of this ecological disaster is daunting, and the potential scale and cost of any remediation or cleanup effort is mind-boggling. According to a geochemical survey conducted by the Ministry of Land and Resources between 2002 and 2008, 794 square miles in the area are polluted by heavy…

Cadmium witness:


J. S. Bach
Matthauspassion BWV 244
So ist mein Jesus nun gefangen / Sind Blitzen, sind Donner

Gundula Janowitz, Christa Ludwig
Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin
Wiener Singverein
Berliner Philharmoniker
Herbert von Karajan

(119 plays)


Impromptu in B-flat D. 935/3
(“Rosamunde” Variations)

Maria-João Pires

[Rudolf Alfred Höger | Hausmusik (det.)]

the possibility of a lyric